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Text offers to your customers. When they respond 'YES', they're auto-billed & an order is created on your store.


"The best money I have spent in my life. I saw a 1200% increase in my conversion rates and doubled my revenue in just three hours”.

Pico is super-easy to use, fast, and the support has been great. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Eric Helms, Chief Financial Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Click 'Choose Plan' to begin the setup process. From there you will be guided through registration.


Why Text An Offer?

Our service allows you to sell products directly over text message versus traditional forms of email and SMS marketing. No more landing pages and conversion funnels where users drop off.


How do I charge my users after signing up?

Text An Offer allows you to collect customer data with an embeddable HTML form. You can place this form on your own website and send users to your landing page. When a customer signs up, we collect their payment and shipping information to bill them at a later time.

Here is an example of a live website using Text An Offer.


How do I send out text message offers?

Our app allows you to schedule SMS campaigns from our dashboard. It's really easy. First, you just select a date and time to send your offer out. Then, you can upload an image and set your message with dynamic customer info.

The offers will be sent when your campaign is scheduled to go out. Your customers will receive them right away. When they reply with your chosen keyword, the customer will be charged using their payment information on file. It's that easy to use!